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Providing unparalleled results tailored to the specific needs of our clients

          Geopolitical Consultancy


Our team offers nuanced advice to policy level decision-makers and corporate sector leaders. We bring firsthand insight on diverse cultural, political, and security contexts to assist in strategic thinking and inform key actions. By producing timely research and insightful analytical products across a wide array of geopolitical themes, we ensure clients have access to the best possible data, information and anaylsis. Our clarity of purpose and forward-looking assistance ensure that impacts exceed expectations even in the most challenging environments. 

          Community Outreach & Engagement


We help local communities address their priorities, build stakeholder engagement, and define strategic social investments that are sustainable and locally owned. We also work with international companies operating in high-risk environments to build strong company-community relations that benefit the local community, foster positive relations, boost productivity, and enhance security.

          Communications &
          Media Engagement

We are strategic about communicating the best message through the right channels. Our team takes a robust multi-media approach, using social media, local channels, and international press. We spread the message and frame the discussion using accurate, timely, and authentic interventions. This ensures that our campaigns foster conversations, inspire engagement, and deliver influence. 


          Security Sector Planning &
          Countering Violent Extremism

ISAMU helps clients build resilience and mitigate political, economic, and physical risks. We offer a diverse range of services including customized security assessments, identification of extremist threats, strategic risk management, and countering of extremist ideologies. We specialize in  Countering Violent Extremism in confilct zones and hard to reach areas. Our security and operational solutions are designed to be comprehensive and effective for governments and businesses operating in high threat environments.

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