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An international team united around a common goal

Founded in October 2014, ISAMU International was launched to leverage influence on the ground in hard-to-reach areas and directly address geostrategic challenges at the root.

We specialize in delivering meaningful and sustainable results by partnering with government and private sector clients to address their complex challenges in fragile and conflict-affected environments. Operating across the Middle East and North Africa we have an established presence on the ground in Syria, Libya, and Tunisia as well as networks across numerous other countries including Afghanistan and Pakistan. Our unrivaled network gives us access to a wide range of government, diplomatic, military, media, commercial and humanitarian platforms.

ISAMU has successfully managed several UK Government funded sub-awards in the Middle East and North Africa. Our core team has demonstrated experience managing diverse security, intelligence, political, economic and development focused projects in the region. Our methodology is based on years of experience in the field and an impressive record of designing and delivering on complex projects. From strategizing and setting milestones, to problem solving and tracking success, our team is meticulous in tailoring our approach to each client's vision and ensuring excellence.

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